How To Plan Your Marketing Budget For 2021

With a new year in sight, it’s time to think about your upcoming marketing budget, which supports strategic efforts from your website to social media to search engine marketing and everything in between. Apart from allocating a percentage of your top-line revenue to your marketing budget, the question today is what content to emphasize, particularly […]

10 Graphic Design Rules You Should Never Break

Think about an instance where you looked at a visually appealing ad, email, flyer, etc. and immediately thought to yourself: this brand has something valuable to offer. Like strong copy, exceptional graphic design doesn’t just tap into the psyche to create interest, it expresses a unique voice and personality, and highlights a singular promise. When […]

Educating Realtors About Buying a New Home

As a builder, you know the ins and outs of your trade like the back of your hand. To you, new homes are second nature. But it’s understandable that many Realtors might not be as well-versed in new as you are. Sometimes, it’s easier for Realtors to work exclusively with what they know well: resale […]

Marketing The Value of New vs. Used

When the circumstances of tomorrow aren’t always clear, there’s nothing more valuable to a prospective buyer than the certainty of a new home. Of course, you’ve known about the benefits of buying new since the beginning, but no point in time has proven the value of new to everyone else quite like the past few […]

Best Practices: Job Postings on Social Media

You know how the saying goes: “You’re only as good as your team.” As a builder, your team is the driving force behind the life-changing work that you do. So when you’re looking for new talent, you want to make sure you’re getting your job postings in front of the right people. Where are those […]

Creative Marketing Strategy for Home Builders

Hi, builders! Thank you for joining our creative strategy check-in — we’re always excited to talk shop. Simply put, your creative strategy informs the way you communicate and interact with potential buyers, both online and in person. (Which means, of course, it’s one of the most integral components of your business.) What is Creative Strategy […]

Best Practices: Instagram Stories

You’ve seen them. You’ve created them. You (maybe) enjoy them as much as we do. Instagram stories are the perfect way to get your buyers’ attention in real time — and show them exactly what’s happening with your homes at the moment. Having a strong “Insta story” strategy doesn’t just prove that you’re on top […]

Why Your Upcoming Events Should Be Flexible

As we head into fall, keep in mind that while some families will be returning to the office and school, others aren’t at that stage just yet. This means that your upcoming events (model grand openings, realtor luncheons, open houses, etc.), shouldn’t just be onsite anymore. During this “hybrid” moment, it’s important to make sure […]

SEO Know-How: The Importance of a Strong SEO Strategy

Hi, builders! Welcome to our discussion on all things search engine optimization. You already know that a strong SEO strategy increases your website’s visibility (and subsequently impacts sales) — so are you up to date on the latest know-how? If not, you’re in the right place! Our experts broke down today’s top SEO tactics: What […]

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