S2 EP 3 | Continuing To Invest With Brooke Carroll

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Show Notes: Focus Discussion of the Week: As you may have noticed, sales are great, records are being set, and it looks all green from here on out. But that’s not where the process ends. Don’t suffer from GMS (Good Market Syndrome). It’s time to invest in yourself, your team, the process, and your content. […]

S2 EP 1 | Creating a Growth Mindset With Daniel Fischer

Show Notes: Focus Discussion of the Week: We’re kicking off season 2 of Building Perspective with our Leadership Series! Daniel Fischer is a veteran of the homebuilding industry — and just recently, his company, Elite Homes, was acquired by Arbor Homes. In this scenario, many would check off that “growth” box and call it a […]

Google My Business Tips for Home Builders

Google My Business (GMB) listings appear when buyers search for your homes on Google Search and Maps. Map results are especially important when it comes to local search queries, or when buyers search for nearby locations in their navigation applications.  Therefore, it’s very important to claim, update, and optimize your listing, so that you’ll be […]

Marketing to Move-Up Home Buyers

Typically within the 35-50 age range, this demographic has already experienced the process of buying a home — but they may not have experienced the process of buying a new home. This means that although these buyers have an idea of what to expect, you should still make necessary adjustments to your marketing to highlight […]

Home Builder SEO Trends for 2021

In the ever-changing world of search engine optimization (SEO), it’s important to stay on top of the latest algorithm updates and search trends if you want to keep your website climbing to the top of organic rankings. As the new year approaches, take a look at where search engine trends are heading, so you can […]

How To Plan Your Marketing Budget For 2021

With a new year in sight, it’s time to think about your upcoming marketing budget, which supports strategic efforts from your website to social media to search engine marketing and everything in between. Apart from allocating a percentage of your top-line revenue to your marketing budget, the question today is what content to emphasize, particularly […]

Google Analytics 4 Updates

With growing concerns regarding cookie based targeting and consumer policy, a recent Google Analytics update intends to be a long-term solution for data analytics. Without cookie-based tracking, we would experience gaps in website data and the inability to track website engagement for individual users. Google Analytics 4 – the latest version –  is focused on […]

How to Market To First-Time Home Buyers

Through all of life’s highs and lows, there’s truly no experience like buying a home — especially your very first one. As a builder, you know that first-time home buyers are a unique demographic to understand and market to, considering they’ll experience a momentous life event at a (typically) younger age. Whereas move-up buyers have […]

S1 EP52 | Brand is the Future

Transcript [00:00:00] Mollie: Unfortunately, a lot of business owners undervalue the importance of brand. And that’s why this is the reason that housing is behind. Not because of any technology, not because of, you know, we’re not as creative as other industries. It is because we are the only industry that does not consider the […]

S1 EP51 | Making Quick Decisions, Not Perfect Decisions with Paul Hanson

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Transcript [00:00:00] Paul: How quickly then do you reevaluate a decision that you made and quickly make another decision if it’s warranted? So in the example of this crazy year, March 12th hits here in Ohio, the schools closed restaurants start to close. It would have been unwise to make any decisions that day that […]

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