Charlene Slimp

Front End Developer/Designer

For years we’ve been telling anyone who would listen that websites are essential. They are your welcome mat, your storefront, your company HQ. And they need to tie all of your business elements together seamlessly. Not surprisingly, Charlene is just as passionate about building great websites as we are! As our Front End Developer/Designer, she focuses mainly on the usability of our websites for both the builders themselves as well as for their end users, their clients! She also troubleshoots any website issues, makes adjustments to the pages (form and function) and the page layouts, and reviews designs for issues like usability, readability, responsiveness, and, accessibility. “Websites speak to clients overtly about who you are and what you value, and subconsciously about who you REALLY are and what you REALLY value through a combination of form and function… The best websites aren’t just public-facing points of contact; they should also help your entire business run more smoothly and efficiently. The way that we can integrate modern websites with CRM systems, public relation tools, and social media means that they are much more than a marketing tool, but also a real asset for business processes, too.”

An internet denizen since the early 90s, Charlene has been computer programming and exploring the merits of technology since. “The internet was originally introduced to me as an accessibility device for my mother, a quadrilateral amputee. That we have the capability to make ANYTHING accessible for everyone regardless of their physical limitations, mental/psychological needs, financial situation, or location, is one of the coolest things ever.”  Something of a renaissance woman, Charlene can write in C++, HTML/CSS/JS, PHP, and Node.js/Express.js. She spends whatever leisure time she has studying: piano, darbuka, tin whistle, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, music theory, additional programming languages (React, Angular, Vue.js), cybersecurity, and machine learning. Charlene is currently watching Steven Universe, Aggretsuko, and Teen Titans Go! And she has two cats: a 4-year-old orange kitty named Nora, and a tiny baby cat (almost 6 months old!) named Mandy.

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