Homes By Dickerson Parade of Homes

Every year, Homes By Dickerson creates masterfully styled and constructed parade homes for the Raleigh Wake County Parade of Homes — one of the largest and most competitive parades in the country. It’s an event they look forward to every year, and work around the clock to make perfect. Our challenge was to tell the story of all ten unique parade homes, generate and capture leads as the parade approached, position Homes By Dickerson as the most design and style-focused builder in their market, and pivot due to Covid to plan and execute both an in-person and virtual parade experience. Each home features bold design choices and selections that reflect the custom quality and attention to detail that Homes By Dickerson is known for. A name, distinctive logo, look, and even a cocktail pairing was created for each home — distinguishing them not only through design, but through personality. This was done to capture the attention of the discerning move-up buyer with impeccable taste. This campaign overcame the challenge of information overload by making it all about the buyer — inviting them to discover their own personal style through the home they most identify with. Utilizing HTML emails, animated social ads and retargeting ads, instagram highlights,  documentary-style video, a landing page , and blogs, we invited potential buyers on a stylish journey of personal discovery that created excitement and intrigue leading up to the parade’s debut. Seven out of ten of the parade homes sold in record time, even at the higher price point due to the “showcase quality” of each home.

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