Katie Kolakowski

Builder Marketing Manager

Just as thoughtful and friendly as she is intuitive and quick, Katie is the exact person you want in charge of your day-to-day marketing operations. As the one who successfully helps to streamline your marketing tactics, and drive prospects to your website and models, you can be sure that every daily interaction with Katie is efficient and enjoyable. 

Above all else, Katie loves working with people, and believes that she’s a part of a team with every builder. It’s this “togetherness” mentality (paired with her positive, fun energy) that makes working with her such a pleasure. 

A seasoned leader and strategist, Katie has seen it all — and her advice is to never underestimate the power of photo content. Make sure to always showcase your homes in the best light, including high-quality photos, videos, virtual walkthroughs, and more. When she’s not managing builder accounts, you’ll find recently married Katie cheering on her alma mater, Penn State, and chanting “WE ARE” throughout the office. (Just kidding about the last one, but we wouldn’t put it past her…)

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