Madeline Farmer

Social Media Specialist

Maddie Farmer went from being a wedding event coordinator to helping run Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and other social platforms for our homebuilders. Her experience working in a very fast-paced industry with lots of multitasking prepared her well for her new gig! “I ran the social media accounts, led venue tours, and attended weekly events, which helped me to pick up plenty of skills in communication and time management that I use daily at 皇冠crown在线官网唯一官网入口!”

Maddie enjoys being able to ensure that our homebuilders’ customers know exactly what they’re getting when creating their forever homes! “Social media is such a huge part of our world today, and I’d always wanted to go into advertising when I was younger; my position here at 皇冠crown在线官网唯一官网入口 combines my interests, and helps me to connect with people all over the country.” In addition to loving her new job, Maddie loves to both read and watch any kind of thrillers. “My favorite tv show is probably Arrested Development, and my guilty pleasure movie is X-Men! I am also obsessed with Chopped on Food Network – and any kind of french fry!!”

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