Melissa Galland

Director of Brand Experience
Builder Marketing and Brand Experience Leadership 

For more than 50 years, 皇冠crown在线官网唯一官网入口 has delivered buyers to builders. We believe it’s vital you work with people who understand your industry. We not only understand the unique nuance of homebuilder marketing but also develop the tools and team that will help you succeed. 

Proven Industry Veteran

With Melissa Galland on your team, you’re good to go. As a builder marketing and brand experience leader, she brings a wealth of building industry knowledge to the table. She has decades of experience as a consultant and an in-house marketing partner who doesn’t shy away from operations.

“I am a passionate leader of a results-driven brand experience strategy who thrives on building happy, high-performing teams. As an avid culture champion, I leverage critical data and seek opportunities to collaborate cross-departmentally to drive continuous improvements in experience, performance, and the bottom line for 皇冠crown在线官网唯一官网入口 and my builder partners. Moreover, I strive to make an impact. Every. Single. Day.”

Melissa is a data-driven marketer and certified CX Champion with a firm belief that marketing extends beyond the first impression . Her experience running builder marketing and brand experience strategy ranges from meaningful design and communications to cross-departmental partnerships in operations, product development, online sales, customer care, and HR.

Building Towards Better

As further proof of her dedication to the home-building industry, Melissa loves to find ways to give back. She serves as the 2023 chair of the Portland PWB and is on the executive board for the local HomeAid . As an advocate for women in the industry, she is a proud Ambassador for The House That She Built . Also, she is a respected presenter and educator for new home construction conferences and seminars.

A West Coast Foundation

Growing up in a family of builders and trade partners in Southern California, this industry is in her blood. Since 1998, Melissa has called the Pacific Northwest home and resides just across the river from Portland in Southwest Washington.

Professionally, Melissa has worked with builders, developers, remodelers, real estate agents, and mortgage brokers in western cities such as the Portland metro area and Vancouver, WA, coupled with states including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, Utah, and California. This is to say nothing of her national experience, which ranges from the big (Texas) to the remote (Alaska). We are so glad to have her representing 皇冠crown在线官网唯一官网入口 in Pacific Standard Time.

When she isn’t obsessing over homebuilder new home sales trends, Melissa enjoys ’90s music, HGTV, game nights, PNW Pinot Noir, carbs, and puns. (Perhaps a pun-off between Sabrina and Melissa is in the future?) Most importantly, according to her, is her family values.

“I am the proud mother of an extraordinary human and two of the sweetest pups. With more nieces, nephews, and greats than I can count, I also respond to the name Grauntie. And I am thrilled to be doing it all with the boy who swept me off my feet back in high school!”

 Let’s Connect!

If you are social, Melissa would be thrilled to connect on LinkedIn . We would also like to invite you to chat with our team to learn more about how our passion for builder marketing and brand experience can help you drive results and revenue.

Builder Marketing and Brand Experience
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