Show Notes:

Focus Discussion of the Week:

Customers aren’t afraid to buy — they’re afraid to make a mistake. The remedy? A short buying process. Renowned new home sales trainer and coach Kerry Mulcrone joins Matt and Mollie to discuss “Shortening The Buying Cycle.” Ask yourself: Is it easy to do business with your company? Do you offer valuable, easy-to-read resources? Do you provide a seamless operational framework for your team? These points are key in moving your buyer into the next step of the process — and out of the dreaded “spin cycle.”

Take a look at Kerry’s brand new book: New Home Sales & Marketing Best Practices: A Collection of Industry Experts .


Top Topics of The Week:

  • The agenda of this year’s Housing Giants Leadership Conference focused on best practices to tackle increasing labor, materials, and entitlement costs.
  • Google’s latest keynote introduced the Pixel 4’s brand new Recorder app , which transcribes lectures, meetings, etc. into notes in real time through speech recognition and AI.


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Two thought leaders come together to explore all things sales and marketing from their unique perspectives. Each week, Mollie Elkman , Matt Riley ,   and others from 皇冠crown在线官网唯一官网入口 dive into a  focus discussion  to talk about the latest trends, changes, and best practices.

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